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Branden Nall - Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Almost 30 years behind a camera and an affinity for sports, forging a new path seemed the inevitable.

My first conversations started in 2018 and quickly fizzled away as questions of validity lingered. Sports were on a downward trend.

Then we had this abrupt ending to 'standard' sport. The sports that you watch on TV and that kids get scholarships to participate, gone. Stopped.

Autumn of 2021 brought a whole new light to the demand of sports media coverage, sports discipline, sports interest, participation and humanity in sport. We are seeing programs that were once on a back step - to high demand and thriving.

Conversations as sports started moving back in full-swing had captivated my desire to once again ponder on the option. But, those questions didn't take long as the conversations became more and more frequent. Coaches, parents and fans talked about the need of more coverage outside of what we have.

Nestled or running sidelines for a majority of my life with a camera, I was able to form a lot of great relationships with people. Those people were an open book after the shutdown. The desire and demand for sports wasn't just in front of me - it had tackled me and concussed my previous static vision.

So, forward we proceed. Sports on this site will not just be the mainstream top stuff that everyone covers. We will be focused on all sports, action, adventures and fitness around the Chippewa Valley. Also with emphasis of human interest stories about our local people. We will do our best to cover as much as we can, but as a small family business and bootstrapping this venture, we will probably miss some things.

We appreciate you and hope to bring you stories and photographs that will echo for many decades to come.